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 Hmmm Kev's App [Denied] [Exile]

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PostSubject: Hmmm Kev's App [Denied] [Exile]   Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:26 am

Once this application is posted it will remain open for 2 weeks or until accepted.

*IGN ( in game name ): Layzie for now will be changed ASAP

*Do you have any other alts above 110 that will not be moved to Celestial? If yes please explain why and what guild they are affiliated with.: i do have alot of 110+ even 120+ chars that i join random guilds to have siege fun. but if i join celestial it wuld rep as main guild so celestial before anything else if this is an issue i can try to fix.

*Job / class: BS atm going wl after i finish r6 questline

*Character Level: 136 atm will be higher after r6 questline boss quest and witch quest if guild can help wuld be cool =D

*Job Level:50


*Sex (m/f):M

*Timezone:erm idk =X i live in new york LMAO NYC up^ baby xD

*Previous Guilds (if any):7thSydicate

*Why did you leave your previous guild?:Drama inside guild... and incidents i rather not speak of =D

*Date you left your current guild: idk lmao but im able to be invited
(We need this to know approximately when we can send the invite)

*Why do you wish to join Celestial? (please include here the names of at least two members who would vouch for you)
HMM well im kinda guildless atm... i like siegeing and having peeps to tlk to pk with and DP with alot =D..Hmmm ppl who can vouch Mega DarkMiba and hmm dont know who else in there hmm FierceBreed maybe? =D lmao well having help with r6 questline bosses and witch quest wuld be niceee ^^ hope to see u guys in gchat soon =p
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PostSubject: Re: Hmmm Kev's App [Denied] [Exile]   Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:43 pm

i am stuck between a rock and a hard place here. But, i have come to the following conclusion with these appz;
Due to the problems between you and another applicant you both will be denied for the time being. I am unable to distinguish between who is lying, or who i want more in guild. Nevertheless, the inherent drama consistent with both your and their actions leads me to this conclusion. If i except one the other must remain out of guild. Both parties have expressed their dislike for the other and also gave me an ultimatum. This application is denied and locked.


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Hmmm Kev's App [Denied] [Exile]
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