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 Read this first!

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PostSubject: Read this first!   Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:34 pm

To join Celestial family and be one of us and our brethren, you must have at least have 2 recommendations from guild members of Celestial. If you do not have 2 recommendations, you will not necessarily be denied. It all depends on your reputation and character as long as you match the criteria, you have a very high chance of getting accepted.Celestial is an exclusive guild. We have maintained our integrity and compassion and respect for each other as well as our bonds. We do not random recruit. We don't need or want everyday average randoms. This may sound harsh, but that is because we believe in our unity. A guild is nothing but a tag over your head otherwise. We are a family and we shall remain so. Whether you can be one of us or not are based on everyone's opinion about you. Does not matter if you are a nobody. We do give chances and take chances.

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Read this first!
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